10 Misconceptions About Writing

Hello and welcome back to the blog! On the last post, I listed ten truths about writing. At the end of that post I promised to tackle lies next. The thought is the same, though I have decided misconceptions about writing is more appropriate. Some of these are perpetuated by famous writers, while others areContinue reading “10 Misconceptions About Writing”

10 Truths About Writing

Hello and welcome back to the blog! It has been an interesting week in the Roth household. A failed hose caused our main floor bathroom to flood… with hot water. This happened for an unknown amount of time before it was discovered. When it was found water was leaking through the ceiling of the basementContinue reading “10 Truths About Writing”

Have Self-Confidence

Hello and welcome back to the blog!  I’m about to be really busy, as I will be starting a new novel next week. Yes, it’s the second book in the Breaking Character Series. Full disclosure, this will be short. I didn’t plan on doing a blog post this week, but I felt inspiration strike. WhenContinue reading “Have Self-Confidence”

Ten Short Stories In Under One Thousand Words

Hello and welcome back to the blog! There is a lot going on in the world right now. Rather than talk about it, I thought I would attempt to entertain you instead. I gave myself the following challenge this week: write ten short stories in under a thousand words. I made it with two wordsContinue reading “Ten Short Stories In Under One Thousand Words”

What Other Writers Have Taught Me

Hello and welcome back to the blog! I’m sure you have noticed that things look a little different around here, including the web address. I upgraded the blog to a website with its own domain. I also took the time to do some tweaking. Everyone should be able to comment without being prompted for information.Continue reading “What Other Writers Have Taught Me”

The Ramblings of a Writer Part 3

Hello and welcome back to the blog! Sorry for my absence the past two weeks, I have been hard at work. Continue reading for some news on how that is going. Today, I’m going to ramble about a deal with my daughter, a few books I have read, and much more. Without further ado, let’sContinue reading “The Ramblings of a Writer Part 3”

Wrestling With Indecision

Hello and welcome back to the blog! I lost a few days of work this week with a stomach virus. Not fun. Now I’m on the mend and it’s time for another blog post. Today’s topic is indecision. Let’s get started. I tend to be an indecisive person. If you talked to my wife, sheContinue reading “Wrestling With Indecision”

How Self-Awareness Helped Me

Hello and welcome back to the blog! There isn’t much to report on my end today. I’m still querying literary agents about Breaking Character: The Craven House. I started the second round of edits on From Darkness Comes… earlier this week. Todays topic is self-awareness. This blog post was inspired by a comment from aContinue reading “How Self-Awareness Helped Me”

Things on my Mind

Hello and welcome back to the blog! There is still no news to report on the querying front. Yet I keep at it. Waiting really is the hardest part. Literary agents are busy people, so I understand. It doesn’t make the waiting any easier though. I have some things on my mind, and this isContinue reading “Things on my Mind”

Write Like Yourself

Hello and welcome back to the blog! I meant to put a blog post up earlier this week, but a cold kept me from doing so. It was all I could do to get my regular writing finished. Today, I would like to talk about finding your voice as a writer. First, however, I haveContinue reading “Write Like Yourself”