Stephen Michael Roth fell in love with horror as a child and has been writing stories of his own ever since. Though his genre of choice is horror, he has been known to stray from its macabre boundaries from time to time. Overall, Stephen likes to evoke emotion in readers, no matter the cost to his characters. If you laugh, cry, or scream he considers his job done.

He spent the early part of his career trying to break into the middle grade (8-12 years old) genre, to no avail. Undeterred, Stephen has since returned to the roots that have seen him published in a number of literary magazines over the years, adult horror. Despite the switch the objective is still the same, leave the reader emotionally touched and quaking in fear.

Stephen Michael Roth has a dream of being a published author. It’s a dream he works at every day. On this blog he shares his experiences with others to aid them in their quest to chase their dreams, while sharing an occasional story to help pass the time. He lives in Wichita, Kansas with his wife and three daughters.

Let’s build something together.

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